HELEN OF TROY by Tess Collins



Pub date: January, 2012
BearCat Press

Casebound: ISBN 978-1-937356-00-2
Trade: ISBN  978-1-937356-01-9
Kindle: ISBN 978-1-937356-02-6
EPUB: ISBN  978-1-937356-03-3

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA—HELEN OF TROY, a novel of mythic mischief will be available January 1, 2012. Best known for her thrillers, HELEN OF TROY marks the entrance for Ms. Collins into mainstream storytelling. “It’s all about creating an experience for the reader,” she says, “I want them to get lost in the characters, invested in their decisions and remember their names years after they’ve read the book.”

Tess Collins is a coal miner’s granddaughter, raised in a southeastern crater town Middlesboro, Kentucky. Living in a crater made for bad TV reception and after the town’s only movie theatre burned down, Tess spent most her time in a one room Carnegie Library reading around the room. She started at SALLY AND THE BEAR and ended with WAR AND PEACE at which time she thought, “I want to do this.”

Previous novels include THE LAW OF REVENGE, THE LAW OF THE DEAD, and THE LAW OF BETRAYAL. Her non-fiction book HOW THEATER MANAGERS MANAGE is published by Rowman and Littlefield’s Scarecrow Press. Miss Collins received a B.A. from the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. from The Union Institute and University.

Website:  www.tesscollins.com

Synopsis of HELEN OF TROY:

HELEN OF TROY is a quirky and lively retelling of the classic Greek legend in small-town America. Helen Ramsey and her good-old-boy husband, Rudy, fight like caged roosters. When their bachelor neighbor becomes Helen’s confidant, rumors spread and sides square off until the entire town joins the ruckus. After Helen is kidnapped by her would-be lover, Rudy resorts to a clever Trojan Horse stratagem, and Helen wages a war worthy of a goddess.  But will even that be enough to triumph over the gossip of a small-town Cassandra?

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