Where can I get BearCat books?

You can find BearCat books in print and electronic editions at online bookstores including the popular Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. All books are in a Kindle edition and some are in the Nook edition. Bookstores can also order the book for you. Make sure you give them the ISBN number for the book. Or you can click the link of the book in BCP's store.

My library wants to order a BearCat book. How do they do that?

Great!  We love libraries! Your library can order the books through Ingram, or at online vendors such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  

Are BearCat books age-appropriate?

BearCat books are, for the most part, for an adult audience unless we’ve specified it as a young adult book. If you have any questions about a particular title, email us and we’ll tell you about it.

A title isn’t coming up on Amazon. What’s the deal?

Try putting in the full title followed by a comma and the author’s name. Such as: The Sun and Stars, Elizabeth Adair

How do I get in touch with my favorite BearCat Author?

I’m sure you’ll understand that we can’t give out information about authors, but look for their websites or try social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or  Instagram. Most of the BearCat authors interact with readers directly on those sites.

I’m a writer. Are you taking submissions?

BearCat Press is currently not taking submissions, but check back!

And now, we have a request for you!  If you like a BearCat book, be sure and post a review at whatever social media you frequent. A few are Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, Facebook, Twitter.

Thanks, and come back again for new BearCat titles!



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