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New Novel by Tess Collins

Friday, January 13th, 2017








pub date: January 4, 2017

BearCat Press

Casebound: 978-1-937356-46-0

Trade: 978-1-937356-47-7

ebook: 978-1-937356-48-4


SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – SHADOW MOUNTAIN begins a new series for author Tess Collins. “The Shadow Mountain Saga opens in the time when the agrarian age is being overtaken by the industrial,” says Collins. “The conflicts of those times play out in the plot, and I suspect going forward in the saga, this won’t be the last we’ll see of cultures clashing in the personal stories of the characters.”


Tess Collins is a coal miner’s granddaughter, raised in a southeastern crater town of Middlesboro, Kentucky. She is the author of six novels and a non-fiction book on theater management. Tess graduated from the University of Kentucky and has a Ph.D. from The Union Institute and University.











At the peak of Shadow Mountain lives a woman who holds to the old ways of magic and conjuring. Delta Wade protects ancient mysteries for her son, Lafette, hoping he will grow up to wield those powers for the good of humankind. But the epoch of witch lore is giving way to an age of industrial titans greedy to control the mountains’ resources for material gain. As one man seeks to destroy Delta, another offers his love as salvation. Mother and son struggle with an enigmatic past only to find that true magic shows its power in its own way and in its own time.




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